Famous all over the world as the birthplace of democracy and the Olympic games, among others, Athens is considered as the historical capital of Europe!

Thanks to its long history and rich culture, sightseeing is one of the best things to do in Athens! The Acropolis of Athens, Herodes Atticus Theatre, the temple of Poseidon, the Hellenic Parliament and the Neoclassical Trilogy are among the best Athens attractions. As for museums, the Greek capital has many, such as the New Acropolis Museum, the Archaeological Museum, and the Benaki Museum.

But Athens is not all about the past. In the multicultural city centre, the old coexist in harmony with the modern. A great selection of fashion boutiques, sophisticated restaurants, cool bars, and traditional taverns create a seductive atmosphere! Athens is a city full of flavours, aromas, interesting people, colours and surprises.

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