Milan was the Western Roman Empire’s capital for a short but significant 109 years. But for most northern Italians, Milan is the country’s heart. Milan is the engine room of the country’s economy and home of its stock exchange, yet it isn’t driven by tourism. Treasures that survived WWII’s extensive damage include its elaborate cathedral, Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, La Scala opera house and Castello Sforzesco. What really sets Milan apart, though, is its creative streak.
You won’t be dashing from street to street ticking sights off a must-see list, as in Florence, but cultural gems are hardly few and far between.
The restored Duomo is a majestic Gothic folly that took half a millennium to complete. But the city’s charms can also be understated: there are pleasures in its dusty churches, on the narrow streets of the Brera district, and in courtyards glimpsed through wrought-iron gates.
Armani, Versace, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Pucci, Gucci and many more took off on Milan’s runways. Fashionistas make a pilgrimage here to shop at the designers’ flagship stores in the Quadrilatero d’Oro (Golden Quad). Boutiques stocking emerging labels and chic concept shops also line the city’s streets, while discount outlets selling samples, seconds and last season’s cast-offs are a bargain-hunter’s Holy Grail.
The city also harbours some lesser-known attractions such as the Navigli’s canal-side cafés and old-fashioned gelaterie (ice-cream shops) and the funky design district of Isola.

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Read Below MILAN Tour

Make the most of your time in Milan.

La Scala Museum & theatre guided tour

From £33 per person

You get the chance to visit the Museum and see the costumes and musical instruments that have made LA SCALA THEATRE so famous.
A specialized guide will show you around and give you the history, curiosities and mysteries of this musical Mecca. You can breathe in the atmosphere of the auditorium (2,800 seats) with its crystal chandeliers and sumptuous decorations.
You might even be lucky and catch a rehearsal while you’re sitting comfortably in one of the boxes. Not to be missed by those who really appreciate good music.

Small group tour with east entrance to Milan’s Duomo, underground and terraces

From £74 per person

A complete tour of Milan’s Duomo is, in fact a tour of two churches. Your easy-entry tour will begin underground where you will have a chance to see the remains of the “basilica nuova”, which was actually completed by 355, over a thousand years before construction began on the “modern” Duomo. After this, your licensed and English-speaking guide will bring you into the main body of the church, where you will have the opportunity to see the result of around 600 years’ of construction, which was guided by at least 78 different architects, including Leonardo da Vinci. Although the project started in great style in 1386 and the church was consecrated in 1577, it remained largely incomplete until the early 19th century, when Napoleon became King of Italy and took a personal interest in pushing forward its construction and it

was only considered truly finished in 1965. We think you will agree that it was worth the wait. Not only is the Duomo the fifth-largest church in the world, it may be the church with the most decoration, with an impressive total of 3,400 statues, no less than 135 gargoyles and around 700 figures. You will also see unique features such as the sundial which is so accurate you can set your watch by it, as well as the famous Holy nail. You’ll head to the elevator next, if there’s a line, you can use it as an opportunity to put more questions to your guide. Once you reach the viewing terrace, you’ll enjoy panoramic views over Milan.

Football lovers tour – San Siro Stadium

From £67 per person

One of the temples of football, if you’re a soccer fan then this is a must for you!
The home of AC MILAN and FC INTER, it’s a place to breathe great moments in the history of the sport. This is a half-day tour taking you into another Milan.
Once you get your entrance ticket you can visit the changing rooms, then it’s up and into the STADIUM itself. You get the chance to sit on the benches and can even walk on the pitch – walking in the tracks of the heroes of football. You will have free time inside the Stadium to breathe in the atmosphere and to discover its fascinating museum where you can see the trophies, photos and memorabilia of the two great teams. Then there’s time to visit the shop to buy shirts and other footballing stuff. Any fan worth their salt won’t miss it.