Typically Holidays have two destinations in their collection. We have been sending customers to Italy for 11 years and it’s still going strong, year after year customers come back content as seeing the real Italy. If you want to wander through the streets of Rome, follow in the footsteps of the book ‘Room with a View’ in Florence or even masquerade in Venice during the Carnevale – look through our Typically Italian brochure. Spain is our new destination and we are aiming to duplicate our knowledge and experience we’ve gained through Italy. Spain is full of character and charm from tasting their fragrant wines, to getting yourself in the biggest tomato fight in the world in Bunyol to grabbing a Tapas Tour and learning all about the Catalan and Spanish cuisine..for all this and more browse through our Typically Spain brochure.

Typically Italian 2021

Typically Spain 2021