How do you begin to describe the Eternal City? Rome is a world-class capital by any standard, and unique as it takes in the Vatican City, a self-governing state and the heart of the Roman Catholic church. Wherever you look there are reminders of a glorious and sometimes scandalous past.
The magnificent ancient monuments, the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the forums are still part of everyday life and make Rome a living museum. Climb the 137 Spanish Steps to gaze over the narrow, cobbled streets crammed with Renaissance and Baroque buildings, fine palaces, countless churches and famous fountains.
Visit one of the many pavement trattorias and watch the world go by or scour the elegant boutiques with Rome’s most avid shoppers. There’s so much to see that you need to pace yourself and not try to cram too much in, but you must cross the River Tiber to enter the Vatican state, home to the Pope, to see St Peter’s. The Vatican complex houses 10 museums and masterpieces such as the Sistine Chapel and St Paul’s Basilica. If you feel like taking a risk try putting your hand in the Mouth of Truth to test your sincerity, or throw a coin into the Trevi fountain. Either way you are sure to make a return visit to this wonderful city.

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Make the most of your time in Rome

Discovering Rome walking tour – small group

From £38 per person

To understand Rome and the Romans you have to experience and understand the Squares. With this 3 hour walking tour you will take in the most famous sites of the city.
We begin in CAMPO DEI FIORI, certainly one of the most characteristic squares in Rome with its “open-air” market and the statue of Giordano Bruno in the centre. Next to Campo de’ Fiori we will admire the magic and power of PIAZZA FARNESE, which takes its name from the imposing Palazzo Farnese. We then move on to PIAZZA NAVONA, one of the most famous squares in the world. After a ten minute walk we reach PIAZZA DELLA ROTONDA housing the unique PANTHEON (inside visit). From here it’s only a short distance to PIAZZA COLONNA, named after the 2nd century

marble column celebrating the victories of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius over the Germanic populations. We then cross Via del Corso and in just 5 minutes we are at the TREVI FOUNTAIN, this is more than just the most famous and spectacular fountain in Rome – it truly is a monumental masterpiece. Don’t forget to throw your coin.
The last stop on our itinerary is PIAZZA DI SPAGNA: this is a paradise for fashion-conscious shoppers and here you can find the most important and famous names of Italian and international style.

Imperial Rome tour – Colosseum, Palatine Hill & Roman forum

From £61 per person

Rome wasn’t built in a day but here’s your chance to take in the key historical points of Roman history!
We start at the ARCH OF CONSTANTINE, the biggest and one of the best preserved triumphal arches in Rome. From here our guide will take you inside the COLOSSEUM (skip the entrance ticket lines), the most famous monument in the world and an icon of Rome.
Here you will hear about all the cruel and grueling events that took place there. On leaving the Colosseum, you will visit its surrounding monuments such as the PALATINE HILL with the ROMAN FORUM Archeological Area (no ticket lines!) without doubt the most important and fascinating site in the world.

The views alone from the Palatine over the Forums or the Circus Maximus are worth a trip to Italy. You will discover also the House of the Vestals, the various Temples, the Senate House, the Capitol Palace the Sacred Way and the Triumph Arches.

Vatican museums & St Peter’s Basilica small group tour

From £74 per person

With our Vatican Elite Tour, you can join a small-group walking tour of the Vatican Museums and St Peter’s Basilica, and skip the line by booking ahead! With 2000 rooms filled with some of the greatest art collections in the world you will be lead by an expert guide through the history of this outstanding Museum.
You will be able to marvel at the sight of the SISTINE CHAPEL, one of THE sites in the world. Thanks to the genius of Michelangelo, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed. We then leave the Vatican Museum and move to the imposing beauty of Saint Peter’s Basilica. Its dome was designed by Michelangelo and has become one of the landmarks of Rome. The tour ends in St. Peter’s Square, and you can then decide either to stay in Vatican City for the rest of the day, or join any of our other afternoon tours.