The word unique has been applied to cities all over the world, but for Venice it really is true. Nowhere on earth compares with this wonderful city of canals and slowly crumbling antiquity, but the phrase “see it now before it disappears” is partly true. Rising water levels threaten the old city, situated on an island and separated from the mainland by a bridge. The only “roads” in the old city are canals, from the broad thoroughfare of the Grand Canal to the many byways to discover. The excitement starts as you are transferred by water-bus or water-taxi from the airport or railway station, and that excitement never leaves you.
The hub of all this activity is St Mark’s Square, with the Basilica and Doge’s Palace, but one of the most memorable sights is Rialto Bridge, a ten-minute walk away, where you cross the Grand Canal. Venice lives and breathes history and character at every turn, and almost every house is a palace. Shop with the locals or in elegant
boutiques; discover the many museums and churches; ride on a water-bus; splash out on a meal on St Mark’s Square or find a better value restaurant in a secluded square. Whatever else you do, you must experience a gondola ride – with or without a serenade! Go off-season when the crowds are sparse, even in winter Venice is atmospheric. In summer enjoy the sun at the Lido or nearby resorts, and at any time of year take a cruise to the nearby islands of Murano and Burano, famed for their glassware and handicrafts.

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Make the most of your time in Venice

Best of Venice walking tour

From £30 per person

Venice is a fascinating maze of narrow streets, beautiful palaces, elegant palaces and imposing churches: make sure you don’t miss a thing joining an enlightening walking tour led by our professional guides. A guided promenade through those characteristic and important places that made the history of Venice, created for art lovers and first time visitors alike.

Venice Islands: Murano, Burano & Torcello

From £24 per person

This excursion takes you on a visit to its islands, famous not only for handcrafts: Murano for the glass factory, Burano for the laces, and then there’s the jewel of an island called Torcello, where the first cathedral in Venice was built.
Sailing among the islands of San Giorgio Maggiore, San Servolo, San Lazzaro degli Armeni and Sant’Elena Gardens the boat arrives at Murano. Divided into nine islets crossed by a wide canal, Murano is the island of glass blowing. The second stop will be at Torcello: centre of the first Venetian civilization founded between the V and VI centuries, the island became a flourishing centre full of palaces and churches.

Nowadays the island preserves archaeological proof of its glorious past such as the wonderful Byzantine Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the Church of Santa Fosca with a delicious portico and striking Byzantine interior.
The last but not least stop will be on Burano island, one of the prettiest islands in the whole lagoon: it’s a miniature Venice where all the houses are painted in bright colours. Burano is famous for its lacework, an art that has been carried out since the XVI century when it was considered the most refined and famous in Europe. Open your eyes and your imagination.

Inside Venice combo tour: Doge’s Palace & Saint Mark’s church in one day!

From £79 per person

On this tour you can explore the political and religious heart of the Venetian Republic.
First stop is the Palazzo Ducale for centuries the seat of Venetian political power. In its splendid rooms, plastered and packed with hundreds of masterpieces, the Duke and his Council controlled the fate of a thousand- year old maritime republic.
Then you can relive the desperation of the prisoners crossing the famous Bridge of Sighs and entering the Venetian prisons, famous for hosting among others Giacomo Casanova.

The tour continues inside Saint Mark’s Basilica scintillating gold mosaics and the marble inlays of the floors, sitting comfortably while our guide opens your eyes to the history and particularities of this ancient, mysterious basilica.
Admire the Pala d’Oro, an exquisite example of Byzantine art with its thousands of gems and precious stones. Enjoy the view of the Treasury, a splendor of the religious art collected over the centuries. An art-lovers dream come true!