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Rimini is on Italy’s east coast, about 200 miles south of Venice, on the Adriatic Sea. Nearby locations include Ravenna, the city of mosaics and the republic of San Marino.
Rimini, often referred to as the capital of Italian seaside tourism and nightlife, is one of Italy’s most popular beach resorts and one of the largest in Europe. It has 15km of fine sandy beach with top-rate bathing facilities. The seaside promenade is lined with restaurants, hotels and nightclubs. Cycling is also a great option for getting around town and to the beaches. There are bike rentals around the beaches.
Beaches spread north and south with those further from the centre more family oriented. A seafront promenade runs along the coast. Many of the beaches are private and include umbrellas and beach chairs for a daily charge.

A gem of the Adriatic waiting to be discovered
Leonardo Da Vinci is renowned as one of the world’s top painters, but he also turned his hand to engineering and designed Cesenatico’s canal harbour to create a masterpiece which can still be enjoyed today.
The harbour is lined with restaurants renowned throughout Italy, while the broad tree-lined avenues give Cesenatico a relaxing feel, which is further enhanced by the squares of the old town centre. The sandy coastline extends for over seven kilometres from
Zadina to Cesenatico with pinewoods stretching down to the beach providing a cool escape from the sun.
The large range of activities around Cesenatico include the water park Atlantica, the theme parks Mirabilanda, Oltremare and Italy In Miniature, the maritime museum and the antiquarium. Many sports are also available: beach volley, beach tennis, golf, cycling, sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and water-skiing etc.