After decades of Mafia domination, Palermo’s cosmopolitan character is now emerging, creating an exciting European capital city. Situated on the North coast known for the best beaches, a lazy day in the sun may tempt you away from the elegant shopping streets lined with exclusive boutiques. The ancient and enchanting old city is divided by winding alleys lined with vibrant outdoor markets with an incredible mix of cultures, architectural styles and culinary flavours.

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Street food tour

From £47 per person

Palermo is worldwide renowned as a top destination for street food lovers. The uniqueness of Palermitan street food doesn’t simply lie in its variety and rich flavours, but also in the ability that every dish has to tell a historical chapter of the Sicilian capital. This tour offers travellers the chance to discover Palermo in few steps and bites. Join the very first street food tour ever launched in Sicily!
Sicilian street food consists of simple snacks cooked and served in the streets, such as Arancina (rice ball stuffed with ragù), Cipollina (baked roll with mozzarella and spring onion) and other type of pizzas and fritters. Some samples, such as the Palermitan Pani ca’meusa, contain offal!

Opera in Palermo

On the island of Sicily, the Teatro Massimo in Palermo is the third largest opera house in Europe. The domed building is considered an architectural marvel and was featured in Francis Ford Coppola’s Godfather Part III. The interior design—replete with removable ceiling panels to reduce noise from air conditioning units—and acoustics are considered some of the best in the world. This theatre is a must-visit for film buffs, music lovers, opera fans and architecture aficionados. Ask you travel agent to call us for a price.