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Treviso is known by two other names, Citta’ d’acqua (City of Water), derived from the numerous canals that loop through town, offshoots of the rivers Sile and Botteniga, and Citta’ Dipinta (Painted City), derived from the frescoed facades of Treviso’s buildings.
A single bombing raid in 1944 destroyed almost half of the city, but much has been restored, and what now remains is a charming town of balconied houses and porticoed streets criss-crossed by picturesque canals.
Despite comparisons with Venice, the lovely fortified city of Treviso has its own very distinctive character.

Abano Terme is a spa resort in the Veneto region of north-east Italy, close to Padua. The town is located on a plain close to a range of low green hills, the Colli Euganei (Euganean Hills). The ‘Terme’ part of the name means ‘spa’
– previously the town was also known as AbanoBagni, which means much the same.
Abano Terme isn’t really a busy sightseeing town; it’s more a place to wander, to chat, to stop for a drink and watch other holidaymakers stroll by. A sign at the entrance to Abano Terme greets visitors: ‘Welcome. Please
avoid disturbing noises. This sums up the atmosphere of the leafy town. Abano is dedicated to rest and relaxation.